Clinical Stem Cell Therapy,
Research and Development of Advanced Cell Technology

Director: Dr E. Russell Vickers
PhD (Medicine), MDSc (Surgery), MMSc (Pain Management), MArt(Hons, Painting, College of Fine Arts), FFPMANZCA (Fellow in Pain Medicine, Australian & New Zealand College of Anaesthetists), Diploma of Herbal Medicine.

Dr Vickers is a specialist surgeon and has performed stem cell treatments since 2012. Our clinic is located in Nanjing, Peoples Republic of China. There is a focus of treating pain, inflammation and degeneration of the nervous system such as neuropathic pain, and associated conditions including multiple sclerosis. The technique is very safe and your stay in China is for 4-5 days. A broad range of other stem cell therapy is available for patients and includes arthritis and cosmetic stem cells. Please see CONTACT US page to provide us with information to see if stem cells would help your condition. Our clinic accepts international patients from UK, Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Australia. Our clinic manager is Mr Haitao Wen and he is fluent in English and Chinese, and clinic patient assistant is Ms Qing Han.

Dr Vickers is also head of the research and development biotech company engaged in the field of regenerative medicine. Our research is published in international peer reviewed medical and science journals. The research has a focus on integrating advanced scientific techniques with bioscaffolds, biophysics technology and natural compounds for tissue regeneration. In addition, our team conducts research on the biological, clinical and psychological aspects of regenerative health. The laboratory is well equipped with state of the art biotechnology equipment including mass spectrometry, high performance liquid chromatography, separation chromatography, photodiode array and fluorescence spectroscopy, thermography, flow cytometry, multiplex assay, biosafety cabinet assays, high resolution optical microscopy, dark field and time lapse microscopy. Our company has several worldwide patents in stem cell technology for regenerative medicine.

Research publications: Professor Vickers scientific publications in brain, neurology and pain:

  • 2019 Systems Medicine (Harvard University / Elsevier Publishers).  ER Vickers, R Shparberg. Systems Medicine in Oral Diseases and Pain. (in press)
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  • 2018 Journal of Neuroscience. Mills EP, Di Pietro F, Alshelh Z, Peck CC, Murray GM, Vickers ER, Henderson LA. Brainstem Pain-Control Circuitry Connectivity in Chronic Neuropathic Pain. Jan 10; 38(2):465-73.  2018年1月10日神经医学杂志标题:慢性神经疼痛患者的脑干疼痛抑制机制的神经网连接特点
  • 2018 Human Brain Mapping.  Flavia Di Pietro, Paul M. Macey, Caroline D. Rae, Zeynab Alshelh, Vaughan G. Macefield, E. Russell Vickers, Luke A. Henderson. The relationship between thalamic GABA content and resting cortical rhythm in neuropathic pain; 39: 1945-1956.  2018年 人脑图谱杂志  标题:神经痛患者丘脑伽巴含量与大脑皮质休息节奏之间的关系
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  • 2018 Pain Management Today (Royal Australian College of General Practitioners) ER Vickers. Natural compounds for treating pain.   2018, 5(10). 年  现代疼痛治疗(澳大利亚皇家医学院)杂志 标题:用天然化合物治疗疼痛
  • 2017 Journal of Arthritis ER Vickers. Iatrogenic resorption of a mandibular condyle following 3rd molar wisdom tooth surgery, 6:4 2017年 关节炎研究杂志 第三颗臼齿智齿手术后下颌骨硬骨龙的医源性吸收 
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  • 2017 ER Vickers, AJ Moule. (2017). Diagnosing neuropathic orofacial pain. In Moule, Alexander J. and Hicks, M. Lumar (Ed.), Diagnosing Dental and Orofacial Pain: A Clinical Manual (pp. 123-129)  Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom: John Wiley & Sons.   2017年 出版的口面神经性疼痛诊断一书(作者AJ Moule) 其中的一章,牙痛和口面疼痛的诊断:临床应用手册 
  • 2017 Hair Therapy and Transplantation. Vickers ER An Analysis of the Safety and Efficacy of Topical Zinc-Thymulin to treat Androgenetic Alopecia. 7:147.  2017年脱发治疗与头发移植杂志标题:局部应用锌-胸腺苷治疗脱发的安全性与有效性分析
  • 2016 Journal of the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists ER Vickers. The Science of Beauty,. 2016. Stem Cells and cosmetic science. 2016; 6(1) August; 29-42.  2016年 澳大利亚美容医学学会期刊 美容医学标题:干细胞与美容医学
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  • 2014 Journal of Pain Research Vickers ER, Karsten E, Flood J, Lilischkis R. (2014). A preliminary report on stem cell therapy for neuropathic pain in humans.  2014年 疼痛研究杂志标题:干细胞治疗神经性疼痛初探 
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  • ER Vickers, Y Boucher (2007). Treatment of idiopathic orofacial pain: atypical facial pain, atypical odontalgia. Realities Clinique (France)   2007年  真实门诊(法国)标题:突发性口面疼痛治疗:非典型性面部疼痛,非典型性牙疼
  • Vickers ER, Boocock H, Harris RD, Bradshaw J, Cooper M, Vickers P, Cannon P.(2006) Analysis of the acute postoperative pain experience following oral surgery: identification of 'unaffected', 'disabled' and 'depressed, anxious and disabled' patient clusters.  Aust Dent J. 51: 69-77.  2006年  澳大利亚牙科学会期刊 标题:口腔手术后急性疼痛病例分析:确定“不受影响”、“失去功能”、“精神压抑、焦虑、失去功能”几类病人的方法
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Dr Russell Vickers
Director, Clinical Stem Cells.